“The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am a natural philosopher, an explorer into the Cognitive Sciences and Metaphysics as well as Light & Colour, Natural Energies, Lost Sciences, Electro-Therapeutics, Archetypal Symbolism, Cosmologies, and in general simply comprehending my place in the Universe.

As a long-term wanderer on the lands of planet Earth, and through the minds of many people, I have become comfortable with many diverse streams of alternative thought. Underlying all is an anamnesis which has led to what I term the Gnoesis, perception of the underlying archetypal patterns which both define and confirm the anthropic cosmological principle. In simple terms, I am an Anthropocentric Epicurean, though certainly not an atomist or materialist. I prefer the supersensible over the subsensible.

As an independent researcher I've had my own personal mind-expanding excursion beyond the accepted paradigms of modern scientific thought. I've discovered new ways of looking at our universe, based on real world experiments and experiences.

I have been most fortunate in meeting and interacting with many amazing incarnate souls in this lifetime who have reached outside of the norm in order to discover the true nature of manifestation and thereby experienced objective verification of their higher instincts and insights.

As Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation 1985-1995, during its most active and progressive phase I was able to touch the core of the finest alternative information streams of our times. And I have met and worked with many advanced beings, among those :

  • Trevor James Constable (etheric weather engineering and smog dissipation),
  • Eric Dollard (Tesla's faster-than-light longitudinal magneto-dielectricity),
  • Philo Farnsworth III (multipactor & fusor tube research),
  • Peter Lindemann (bio-energies, energetic research, over-efficiency energy systems),
  • Riley Hansaard Crabb (Theosophist, editor, lecturer, experimenter, healer, Director Borderland Sciences 1959-1985),
  • Sarosh Dinshah Ghadiali (seventh son & student of Spectrochrome inventor Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali),
  • Bruce DePalma (over-efficiency monopolar generators),
  • Gerry Vassilatos (lost sciences researcher, experimenter, author),
  • Vincent Gaddis (veteran Fortean researcher, author & discoverer of the “Bermuda Triangle”),
  • Gary Cook (author, researcher, adventurer),
  • Jon Eisen (editor Uncensored Magazine, Suppressed and Incredible Inventions).

In all these interactions I have learned that everyone has a unique point of view, which becomes more evident and unique in the progressing being.

I am certainly no expert in anything other than my perspective, just one of the billions of interactive sensory nodes of the earth plane, here to learn and experience. I agree with Schopenhauer that ‘genius is an eminently clear consciousness of things in general’ and do my best to observe and understand all in the hopes I may get there. My point of view is shared for those whom enjoy alternative streams of knowledge.

It is my firm philosophy that true metaphysical concepts have a sound basis in reality and can be correlated into a fundamental archetypal structure which interpenetrates diverse belief systems both scientific & spiritual allowing anyone to overcome ingrained limitations of thought. You can escape the third rock from the sun in ways you never dreamed!

Interests include:

  • Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity
  • Goethe's Theory of Colour
  • Dinshah's Spectrochrome
  • Electric Universe
  • Expanding Earth
  • Living Energy
  • Biological UFO's
  • Precessional Cycles
  • Cosmic & Biological Rhythms
  • Solar System changes
  • Galactic Interactions
  • Redshift Anomalies & Quasars
  • Elements & Ethers
  • Alchemy, Art and Science
  • Anthropocentric Universe
  • Mandala as experience
  • Freedom from a dark and corrupt system


  • The People Before with Gary Cook
  • Loom of the Future - The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor Constable
  • The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscilllator Handbook
  • The L. E. Eeman Report— The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry


  • Nature Was My Teacher – The Vision of Viktor Schauberger
  • The Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator
  • Free Energy Research with Peter Lindemann and Eric Dollard
  • Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity with Eric Dollard and Peter Lindemann
  • Quaternity
  • Dorje Blessing
  • Working of the Stars in Earthly Substances


  • Journal of Borderland Research 1985-1995 (50 issues)
  • Metal Power - Soul Life of the Planets by Alison Davidson
  • The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor Constable
  • Lithium and Lithium Crystals by Haroldine

We all have our piece of the puzzle; this site provides mine to share, to open minds to old and new concepts outside of the generally accepted paradigms of the modern world.

Currently I am a research partner with BioArchitect Juan Schlosser through Bio Arc