Flat Earth – Infinite Plane

The senses don’t deceive, the judgment deceives. ~ Goethe

Mayan Metaphysical Cosmos

The Flat Earth model is an ancient cosmology, with Earth being a plane or flat disk, sometimes covered with a dome or crystal firmament. Many culturally diverse and widespread variations existed in the past, some still standing as metaphysical truths, such as in the Vedic sciences.

These Flat Earth models existed in part as both cosmology and pre-scientific cosmography, though these connections were progressively severed as cosmologies lost touch with the inner spiritual structures and cosmographies became more materialistic in their search for the true nature of objective manifestation.

While scientific and philosophical observations over the last 2500 years have been in general support of the spherical model of the Earth, there is now a resurgence of interest in the Flat Earth model. There are numerous internet forums debating the subject, dozens of videos pro and con being posted on YouTube daily, this is a heated debate.

What is important here is that people are questioning the very pillars of reality, though much of it appears based on fundamentalist beliefs and limited, skewed information. But the latter is also true of many of those skeptical of the flat Earth thesis. Nonetheless, it hopefully signals a step in the awakening of humanity, whether it is engendered into a larger scope or used to limit and detain consciousness is a matter to be discerned as time progresses.

It is often said that in the past all people thought the world was flat, that Columbus set out and discovered it was spherical. However, Columbus believed the Earth was round, and was rumored to have ancient maps. He was simply wrong on the size calculations, assuming he would find Asia much closer, around where the Americas are.  This flat Earth myth has been shown to be incorrect, it was propagated in the 19th century by writers such as Washington Irving.

The modern flat earthers are mostly emotionally driven fundamentalists, though they would deny such. They all offer the same list of claims:

  • Nobody has ever measured Earth’s curvature
  • The horizon always rises to eye level
  • Islands and buildings can be sighted though supposedly over the curve, misusing the formula 8 inches per mile squared
  • Antarctica is a huge ice wall surrounding the flat earth, holding the oceans in
  • There is a large dome over the earth upon which stars and planets are projected
  • The Sun is 32 miles across and 3,000 mile up
  • There is no space, there are no satellites
  • Air flights across Southern oceans are impossible
  • Big conspiracy to hide the flat earth

Let’s go through the list:

Correct application of 8 inches per mile surveying rule.
Correct application of 8 inches per mile surveying rule.
  • Nobody has ever measured Earth’s curvature:

The curvature has been measured for something like 2500 years, this was covered in the Heliocentric section. Flat earthers claim it’s all false information, designed to trick us into thinking we live on a sphere, even though easy to verify by numerous independent means.

The book A History of the Determination of the Figure of the Earth from Arc Measurements details the historic measurements of Earth’s curvature up to 1906 when it was published.

Geodetic surveyor, Jesse Kozlowski, https://jessekozlowski.wordpress.com, has shown that the curvature can be measured as close as to within a couple hundred meters, using theodolites, precision optical instruments. He has made a number of instructional videos showing the science and practice behind his art, and to describe the many errors in Flat Earth circles.

  • The horizon always rises to eye level:

Here we see two pictures taken through a theodolite. As shown by the angles measured, the picture on the left shows the horizon perpendicular to the plumb line at sighting location. The one on the right shows line of sight to the visible horizon, which is measurably below the perpendicular horizon. If Earth were flat these would both be the same.

As shown by the angles measured, the picture on the left shows the horizon perpendicular to the plumb line at sighting location. The one on the right shows line of sight to the visible horizon, which is measurably below the perpendicular horizon.
As shown by the angles measured, the picture on the left shows the horizon perpendicular to the plumb line at sighting location. The one on the right shows line of sight to the visible horizon, which is measurably below the perpendicular horizon.
  • Islands and buildings can be sighted though supposedly over the curve:

There are many claims for this, from long distance lighthouses, to cities. The basis for these claims are that the formula for the curvature is 8 inches per mile squared. What is important to note here is that the miles squared portion of the equation is for the horizon perpendicular to the plumb line at sighting location, and not line of sight. I’ve noticed this confusion is one of the main ‘hooks’ that draws people into the flat earth belief, and no matter how many times it’s explained to them they still repeat the incorrect formula. It’s fascinating!

Flat Earthers claim it’s all in error, based on refraction, perspective, light curves, etc, with zero scientific backing for their claims, and in ignorance of the centuries of science looking into such.

While numerous long distance sightings have been claimed, in every case where precise data of heights and distances were acquired, the math works out perfectly for the globe.

In simple mathematical terms, 8 inches per mile is 0.0126% variance. In effect this is not readily noticeable, a margin of error which you couldn’t notice on your table top, the Earth does appear flat to our perception.

This is why you have plane surveying for short distances and geodetic surveying for long distances; plane sailing for short and known distances and celestial (trigonometric) navigation for long sea distances.

  • Antarctica is a huge ice wall surrounding the flat earth, holding the oceans in:

There are so many disproofs of this wild belief it’s hard to know where to start. The flat earthers claim that this massively long ice wall is protected by all the armies of the Earth, and nobody can go there without being killed. But in reality anyone with sufficient funds can go there.

One can even ride on an expedition drive to the South Pole, https://www.jacadatravel.com/polar/trips/a-luxury-antarctica-expedition-with-the-south-pole/#slideLocation starting at only $83,000 per person!  

And Antarctica used to be warm, there are fossil dinosaurs and tropical forests found there https://www.livescience.com/40893-weird-ancient-antarctic-forests.html

Sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race, when rounding Cape Horn at the tip of South America, on their way from New Zealand, try to get as close as they are allowed within the race rules to Antarctica to save them speed and distance. Surely they would notice if the Earth was flat, as this would seriously impede their progress travelling that long distance alleged.

And we have the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” as they are known. The Oronteus Finnaeus map, drawn before the discovery of Antarctica, appears to show the continent pre-ice, with lower sea levels.

Many mysteries about Antarctica, but Flat Earth ain’t one of them!

  • There is a large dome over the earth upon which stars and planets are projected
  • There is no space, there are no satellites

Well I’ll leave it to the reader to sort these out for themselves, the answer being self-evident with an honest appraisal of all available data.

  • The Sun is 32 miles across and 3,000 mile up

Readily disproven just by observing sunrises and sunsets on the Equinox from various latitudes, always due East and West respectively.

  • Air flights across Southern oceans are impossible

Having flown across the South Pacific, from Auckland to Santiago, this was one of the first clues that the flat earth thing is an intentional psychological operation (psyop).

FLAT EARTH CLUES Part 7 – Long Haul https://youtu.be/A0FuO8lQV18 argues this point and presents various links such as to https://planefinder.net/ where it can be noticed that flights do not appear over the Southern Oceans.

This is because, as the planefinder site notes: aircraft use GPS to establish their position and transmit that information to ground stations, those transmissions have limited range, due to the curvature of the Earth, and there are no ground stations out in the Southern oceans.

Simple checking, and for me personal experience, proves the claim wrong. Yet when I posted my airline tickets and that information on flat earth discussion forums I was totally astonished at the abuse I received, as thought I was part of some great conspiracy to fool everyone, and created the tickets in Photoshop to trick them. The mass incredulity in face of verifiable evidence is a remarkable phenomenon, and I suspect not a fluke.

There are of course other claims, such as the analemma proves flat earth (its metamorphosis over time due to the procession of the solar apsides readily disproves this); no picture has even been taken of Earth from space, they’re all fake images, so no proof is acceptable; and, even that compasses only point North and not South. Seriously, I’ve have had a number of discussions with true believers over this, they can’t get that it points both ways, because they’ve been programmed differently.

This is an actual flat earther’s typical rambling response from a discussion over compass functions, the exact point of discussion is generally avoided:

The physical evidence proves a stationary magnetic flat earth; the fairytale nonsense supporting an oblique spheroid planet (pear-shaped now apparently) spinning wildly, while hurtling through endless space at breakneck speeds is an absurdity of profound proportion; moreso for the religious fervour with which we pray to these new gods of science who created it; and the enabling minions who continue to promote it … Human evolution has stalled; and will continue its descent for as long as the Human Mind remains caged; or is led down the avenues of thought programmed into it… Breaking free of the cage is our duty to the Future; identifying the bars is the first step towards achieving Human Potential”

I’m being mercifully brief, just making the main points, and the main point of the flat earth thesis is:

  • Big conspiracy to hide the Flat Earth

At first I was excited to see the Flat Earth fluorescence, hoping that some anomalous or fantastic information had come to light to bring the nature of reality into question. It didn’t take me long to realize that researching Flat Earth was not about cosmographic determination, but rather about discerning the exact nature of the characterological dysfunction that seemed to be imparted wholesale into the believers.

I’ve seen what appear to be otherwise intelligent people start repeating the same false info in a cult-like manner, as though they are in a hypnotic state. When contrary data is supplied to the discussion to show their point is not correct they either change to the next point on the list, blame NASA, or if pinned down a biopathic reaction takes place and one is abused or FB blocked, indicative of characterological programming.

Others have also suggested that the Flat Earth movement is a psychological operation of some stripe, harnessing the mass breakdown of trust among the populace in any and all authority and driving a wedge into an awakening populace.

Flat Earth Illuminati Playing Card
Flat Earth Illuminati Playing Card

There is a distinct anti-intellectual element where “globers” who query the entrenched beliefs are abused for not being flat, as though everyone else are believers in the most basic cartoon version of orthodoxy.

The card says “Flat Earthers know something,” and they do!  The awareness of the living infinite plane is part of our experiential reality, I agree with that reality because I’ve experienced it for many decades.

Since there is an Illuminati Playing Card for the Flat Earthers some consider this an indication of a psyop.

But what the card doesn’t say is that they were tricked with false information into confusing such experiences with the objective geodetic determination of the planet. And somehow the instilled program disallows them to investigate.

But not to be harsh, as there are many good people thinking these matters out. Fundamentalism of some degree exists amongst believers in one model or the other. I’ve found in these discussions that the orthodox scientific skeptic types have similar reactions when their beliefs in black holes, dark matter and the like are questioned. This returns us full circle to the comments in the introduction, skeptics scoff, believers believe, it’s a mental state, neurologically shown to be operating outside the logic centers of the neocortex.

So in review, we’ve looked at the Heliocentric, the Geocentric, the Geocosmic, and Flat Earth models. Where does that leave us?

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