Constitution For A Free State

This document was written in 2000 in response to a call for constitutional ideas from NZ’s Investigate Magazine who failed in their duty to follow up, and hung up on me when I called to ask why they dropped the issue. These were my suggestions for a written constitution for states that have lost the plot or never had it in the first place. In our so-called modern world the role of government has been one of an ignorant nanny maltreating its charges, as incredible amounts of people are now waking up to. There is no reason to remain in the dark ages. Only when people understand what Freedom truly means can they ever hope to achieve it. I present this document for as my thoughts of the time, pulled from the archives, and most hopefully I will improve and expand it as able.There is much to be done & I don’t have a continental congress in my back pocket. This is merely one Man’s contribution to a free world; for all that is necessary for evil to succeed are for good Men and Women to do nothing!!!

Free States Constitution Notes (rough draft):

A Common Law Republic, with a democratically elected and independent executive, legislature and judiciary, is the preferred form of government; with democracy, communism and socialism being considered unhealthy to a prosperous and free population. All titles of nobility are abolished. It is only natural to recognize that Nature creates everyone as an individual Man or Woman with distinct and differing levels of abilities; however, all people are born with equal unalienable rights and have equal standing before the law.

Government is instituted by the People for the People, and is directly answerable to the People who create it. The role of national government is to maintain standards, defence, and national public roadways. The role of local government is to act solely as a responsible municipal authority to maintain sanitation & an orderly process of inhabitation without infringement of rights. Revenues may only be raised by indirect apportioned taxation. Fiscal irresponsibility in government is punishable by severe criminal and civil penalties.

This constitution guarantees that the government must above all uphold the People’s unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Rights of the People are those of a Sovereign without subjects, all political power arises from the People. The People may not vote to take away any rights, all natural rights being unalienable and immutable. Men and Women’s natural rights are derived from their creator. Men and women for the protection of their rights institute government.

Rights cannot be maintained in an unruly or irresponsible population; therefore government has the right to authorize Peace Officers to protect the rights of the People nationally, and to raise Defence to protect the rights of the People internationally.

The private owner holds all private land in allodium; all public land is held in allodium by the People.

Natural Rights it is the duty of government to uphold and protect:

  • Right of self-protection
  • Right of choice of education
  • Right of medical choice
  • Right of Spiritual belief and practice
  • Right of free congregation and association without hindrance
  • Right of total privacy in actions and communications
  • Right to act as elector of public officials when one reaches the age of majority (18)
  • Right to elect, recall and direct government by referendum.
  • Right to travel safely upon the public ways without hindrance
  • Right of free speech and free press
  • Right of a fully informed common law jury of one’s peers, where the judge acts as legal advisor overseeing the procedure of the court and explaining the law to the jury so they may intelligently decide the facts at law.
  • Right of habeas corpus; in criminal cases an injured party must be produced, in equity cases a valid contract, invoice, or other legitimate evidence of damage must be produced.
  • Right of private commerce without interference
  • Right of Property, both tangible and intangible; tangible property is held in allodium, intangible to be protected by copyright, trademark and patent rights, both common law and statutory.
  • Right of contracting one’s Labour and Genius without taxation or other hindrance.
  • Right to sue government for breaches of rights; all colour of law actions make perpetrator liable individually for severe criminal and civil penalties. Government officials and agents are personally responsible for tortious interference when acting against the natural rights of the people.
  • Right of Specie; true copper, silver and gold money as a medium of private and public commerce. (Reserve “currency” and other fraudulent contract systems to be outlawed and punishable by prison and other severe penalties to be decided by the People). Government is responsible for setting and maintaining standards of specie. Government has the privilege upon referendum to issue National Notes in exchange for labour in building or upgrading national and local infrastructure, limits to be set to maintain integrity of value against specie. Government may not borrow or use any private non-specie currencies or notes.
  • Right to be protected by government from injurious and fraudulent acts nationally and internationally. Government is criminally and civilly liable for failure to uphold the rights of the people. Government officials are personally liable for all acts under Colour of Law.
  • Right of the People as a whole to have the waters, air and land used in a responsible manner in consideration of future generations. This is not to inhibit natural property rights, but rather to curb the abuse of such when it directly interferes with another’s rights
  • Right of protection and claim from anyone who would thwart these rights.


Common Law Copyright Thomas Joseph Brown in the year 2000 A.D.