ArcheCosmos – The Four Worlds Model

One can stare and stare at open secrets without fathoming their meaning. ~ Rudolf Hauschka

Our place in the cosmos has been an active question since consciousness arose. We can expand our perspectives, review the diverse models by practicing believing each one in order, considering verifiable objective evidence in concert with concomitant subjective structures of belief. We then have opportunity to experience them all as one, a multidimensional cognate reality of which we are anthropic experiential nodes. But what then is the most objectifiable cosmographic determination? And where then do we find our consciousness placed in the Universe?

In reviewing these World Systems, we must consider the relationship of one’s inwardly perceived cosmology with their knowledge of discursive cosmography. Essentially, and especially with contradictory evidence, this is where cognizing the solution resides.

Whether the earth is considered flat or spherical, concave or convex, these are perhaps different perspectives of the phenomena which formed this planet and the life upon it. As many pieces of the puzzle fit with various world views, reality appears multi-dimensional. One must raise their consciousness to look past the materialistic consciousness most of humanity is presently in thraldom to.

Completely changing one’s world view on a few comments and observations is contrary to the discipline of retaining a suspended judgment until all the facts are in. Consider this, the world is round, and yes, the world is flat. Perhaps not the answer one expects, but worthy of some Zen-like ponders.

Whilst one may snicker at first, then consider some of the most interesting evidence, and wonder at how the universe could function in such scenarios, in essence we are viewing here pieces of a larger phenomenon of our essential search for the cosmic orientation of our souls in the milieu of manifestation.

Quantum physicists claim that our observation of reality directly affects that observed, perhaps we are modelling our world and our place in it as we develop our understanding of it — continuous Creation in process on all levels.

Physicists seeking the secrets of Nature lurk inside and underground, with their dark electro-technical wizardry, when the secrets they think they are seeking are to be readily found outside in the real world, discernible in the patterns and flows of living nature. Goethe’s method of observation and thought provides a more enlightened pathway, supersensible – above matter, not subsensible – beneath.

We are high order physical sensory nodes of the universe, which formed around us to experience self-knowledge, singly and severally. The motions of the universe weave into us, but they are also woven by us in ways yet to be discerned by many: As above – So below, in its grandest sense. It is all complex and multidimensional, yet also very simple in a language of patterns and symbols.

These four worlds of cognition and experience, Heliocosmic, Geo-Anthropocentric, Geocosmic, and Planar, can be correlated to the four worlds of the Qabalah, respectively, Assiah-Manifest, Yetzirah-Formative, Briah-Generative and Atziluth-Archetypal.

  • In the Heliocentric model the spatial arrangement (with its awe inspiring mathematical harmonies and relationships) we find the skeleton or physical circuitry of the cosmic life body, clearly manifest.
  • In the Anthropocentric we find the software program running creating the “virtual” world of our experience. Like our experiential magical sensory flesh upon our invisible but essentially supportive mechanical skeletons. Anthroposophical sciences show this as the formative world.
  • In the Geocosmos we find the counterspatial source of the spatial manifestation. The realm of higher cognition in grasping the generation of the lower worlds from the higher, as well as the possible energetic structure in counterspace which holds the universe together.
  • In the Archecosmos resides the original ideation of the Earth Plane, where we experience a flash of the Archetypal four quadrant relationships in action, then it’s engendered from beyond in the Geocosmos, next forms rhythmic living fields of force in the Anthropocosmos, and finally manifests into material form in the Heliocosmos.
  • All stages are inherent in the Archecosmos.
Mandala of the Dhyani Buddhas
Mandala of the Dhyani Buddhas

And the infinite plane is the archetypal map of the universe, the mandala, upon which four dynamic forces emanate from the quintessence and weave our reality, expressed as the relationship between element and ether, matter and spirit. True knowledge, or wisdom, is that which interpenetrates the diverse belief systems.

Ultimately we are all anthropocentrists of one form or another, functioning from experience. The anthropocentric view works best in the geocentric, geocosmic and flat earth scenarios. The one it works least in is the heliocentric.

Discussing these anthropic models is certainly not about stroking one’s ego, as is argued by pure heliocentrists, rather it is an unprejudiced approach to assessing all world models that were considered viable by various peoples and cultures, in order to discern the fundamental nature of reality.

Even the Standard Model of the particle physicists mirrors the mandala, for such is hardwired into our consciousness.

Standard Model of Particle Physics
Standard Model of Particle Physics

Basically all living things on the planet have biological rhythms and form-natures from formative forces affected by the direct appearance and motion of the planets, sun and moon as perceived from earth.

There are magical relationships all around us, the true science of the future will be based on acceptance of all that we can discern and measure. A holistic approach to the holographic universe may well be in order. Though we must not take the metaphysically vacant approach generally given to the holographic concept, rather look perhaps to the Eastern wisdoms, such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where it is acknowledged that appearances are as projections, but with the technical knowledge and descriptions of the projector screen, presented as the mandala with its attendant symbolic masks.

The Good Fool

But could reality just be a hoax? There is the concept that humanity might be living in an artificial reality — a simulated universe. From a materialist’s perspective, where one is tricked into thinking that experiences are merely illusory electro-chemical renderings of vibrating matter, and that consciousness arose by mere chance from matter, one could be led to believe such. Following the Goethean pathway into cognizing the spiritual impulses such as that which weaves the plant kingdom on Earth allows one to see through such vacant considerations.

The truth is we can conceive of anything, especially when we are disconnected from the higher order natural forces people like Goethe and Steiner pointed towards.

One would think that the greatest effort of conception would be sojourning into an unprejudiced assessment of subjective and objective realities, and forming a pragmatic metaphysics by connecting the two.

Perhaps the best place to start is with Nature.

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We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future.” ~ Wilhelm Reich, M.D.