Tribute to Trevor James Constable 1925-2016

 Trevor James Constable – Trailblazing Etheric Engineer

Trevor James Constable

Trevor James Constable

The passing of a Great Man is an opportune time to honor his contributions and learn from them. Trevor James Constable, 1925-2016, was truly such, a great man whose efforts herald a significant metamorphic progress in humanity’s hopeful advancement — if we but take note.

Trevor James Constable, a man of magnificent vernacular and rhetorical expression, was a consummate professional in all aspects of life: as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Marine; aviation historian and author with deep connections into WWII brass from both sides; but most signally, a trailblazing etheric weather engineer, truly a man of persistent advancement and constant accomplishment.

A natural born New Zealander, at 17 years of age Trevor joined with the Union Steam Ship Company and took to the seas. He then entered the British Merchant Navy and became Radio Officer on the Queen Mary in 1948. This career path eventuated in his becoming Chief Radio Officer for Matson Lines, plying the waters of the Pacific between the West Coast of America and Hawaii on their flagship the S.S. Maui, an opportune status for his less orthodox but more important etheric weather engineering work.

The Blond Knight - Trevor James ConstableHis published aviation histories co-authored with Col. Raymond Toliver (USAF, retired) include titles such as: Fighter Aces of the U.S.A.; Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe; Fighter General – The Life of Adolf Galland; and, The Blond Knight of Germany – A Biography of Erich Hartmann.

In the alternative streams of thought Trevor is noted for his books: They Live in the Sky! – Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us, published under the non-de-plume of Trevor James, and The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs. I was the editor and publisher of the second edition of Cosmic Pulse and produced with Trevor Loom of the Future – The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable, which we constructed in interview format with pictures.

They Live In the Sky - Trevor James ConstableClearly a great intellect, Trevor joined Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in the 1950s, where potential non-physical “etheric” origins of UFO phenomena were actively discussed. He connected with George Van Tassel at Giant Rock in the California high desert, where UFO conventions were held, and became fascinated with Van’s séance-type UFO communication sessions. Trevor began, under Van’s tutelage, channeling UFO entities himself, “blundering in where angels might be terrorized” as he notes.

Whilst some may think ‘how wonderful’ to have such psychic abilities, Trevor found this led him into a great spiritual test over control of his consciousness, highlighting that this apparently glittering path is no longer an integral component of our spiritual advancement in the present age.

Trevor said it was the greatest spiritual struggle of his life to shut the voices out once they started. Initially good technical information came through, and he notes Van Tassel’s channeled instructions for the Integratron as an example.

Etheric Critter at Giant Rock

Etheric UFO Critter at Giant Rock

When I was working at the Integratron with Eric Dollard in the 1980s, seeking to reproduce Tesla’s Worldwide Wireless, Eric asked me to ask Trevor if the channeling was real, or if Van was faking it. Trevor responded that it was very real, at least at the inception. The reason Eric asked was that his mathematical analysis of the Integratron indicated it was a compacted version of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, designed to broadcast power wirelessly to the world. Bruce Cathie, a good friend and fellow Kiwi of Trevor’s, had calculated that the Integratron was built on an Earth Grid node. Clearly this was all more than chance or a ruse to bilk credulous UFO believers. However, Philo Farnsworth III, who knew Van Tassel from visits there (and the UFO conventions that used to be held there), told me that he wasn’t channeling aliens, rather the whole setup was some ‘spook’ operation, that Van was running a clandestine airport for Howard Hughes. We can only wonder, and I digress.

George Van Tassel with Integratron model

George Van Tassel with Integratron model

In regards to his channeling experiences Trevor noted:

“Suffice it to say that by persisting with the techniques learned at Giant Rock, I set the stage for an irruption of the unseen worlds into a consciousness – mine – not prepared for such an impact. Becoming sensitive suddenly to spectra of vibration with which one is totally unfamiliar can be an unhinging experience. In recent years, the so-called ‘psychedelic revolution’ has exposed untold thousands of persons to the consequences of chemical tampering with consciousness. All such forcing open of doors is destructive of orderly inner development, no matter what the academic qualifications of its advocates.”

Trevor became very psychic, knowing what people would be saying before they spoke whilst dealing with the entities who “poured confusing rubbish” into him. Rather than being advancement, he saw it as losing mastery of himself. And into his life at that time came his teacher Dr. Franklin Thomas, a UFO lecturer and publisher, who guided him to sort out the information that had invaded his consciousness:

  • that UFO’s are spaceships, but not fixed in the physical-material density, therefore generally outside our range of optical perception;
  • that the beings of the craft are of various orders, of both beneficial and detrimental attitude towards human development;
  • that there is a spiritual war in progress which will determine the course of evolution;
  • there are invisible living beings in space, a space filled with a primary, living energy unknown to orthodoxy; and,
  • that these entities and craft could be objectified on infrared film.
Amoebae constablea critter imaged from the infrared

Amoebae constablea critter imaged from the infrared

Trevor then went on to objectify these skycreatures on infrared film, published first in They Live in the Sky (1958). Trevor would go to the desert and perform what is known as the Star Exercise to align himself with the etheric currents flowing in and around the Earth and thereby attract these entities.

This put Trevor at odds with flying saucer folk, even in the offbeat field of UFOlogy. As he would say, “people want physical craft with material beings in them” to satisfy their material consciousness. He referred to the general concept of UFOs as the “carcass in a tincan theory.”

Trevor referred to these objectifications as “critters” and writes in Cosmic Pulse:

“As living organisms, critters appear to be an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on Earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid … They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky.”

They have been termed by cryptozoologists as Amoebae constablea in his honor.

Trevor noted that these critters are in the infrared range, below the optical wavelengths and above radar, and considered them identical to the causation of radar “angels” which would appear on the screen but not visibly when fighters were scrambled to intercept.

The so-called “NASA UFOs” were of intense interest to him, curious pulsing discs seen during the Tether Incident on the ISS. Trevor noted that the cameras used were sensitive into the infrared. So on Earth we find critters in the infrared, as well as moving about in space, above!

NASA UFOs ultraviolet critters


Trevor also worked with the great radionics pioneer Dr. Ruth Drown, who built on and refined the works of earlier researchers like Dr. Albert Abrams. Trevor took this all very seriously, being a no-nonsense radio engineer. Radionics is considered pseudoscience, yet he experienced its reality.

Trevor published anonymously, through the moniker of The Humanitarian Foundation, the booklet Radiovision – Scientific Milestone,

When Dr. Drown was put on trial for fraud Trevor was a stalwart supporter, and wrote an unpublished (and apparently lost) manuscript on her work, Criminal or Genius?, the essence of which appeared as a chapter by that name in Cosmic Pulse.

Whilst the concept of radionics has become somewhat inextricably confused with psychotronics, Trevor was clear on Dr Drown’s warnings to her students to not let any psychic abilities they may possess or seek to interfere with “the true radionics process.” Trevor writes in his article The Work of Ruth Drown ,

“No pains must be spared at this point to lay down with force and clarity that these reactions are gained without the psychic participation of the operator, efforts to use extrasensory perception, or the conscious effort to generate specific thought forms. This type of activity leads into a separate and bewildering realm that the physician especially at all costs must avoid if he is to get accurate diagnosis. Let there be no doubt in the mind of anyone that these instruments which are sensitive enough to pick up the molecular emanations of physical substances, will react to the operator’s thought forms, or to those of others. The operator must set himself aside from the instrument. Having diagnosis dependent upon the doctor’s state of mind, or ESP, or psychic powers, is at this stage of human evolution a cumbrous and unwelcome humbug. The Drown system, and physicians trained in its use, aim at avoiding this.”

The Cosmic Pulse of Life - The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOsOne of Trevor’s varied connections was working for an aircraft parts business in California connected to the powerful Kung family of China. Financier H.H. Kung, descendent of Confucius (Kong Fuzi), who married one of Charlie Soong’s daughters, making him brother-in-law to Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, was Trevor’s connection to Madame Chiang Kai-shek who became one of Ruth Drown’s treated-at-a-distance radionics patients.

Trevor delved deeply into Rudolf Steiner’s works, and became endeared to the spiritual scientific etheric physics as propounded by Anthroposophists such as Guenther Wachsmuth (Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man) and Ernst Lehrs (Man or Matter), for therein he saw a profound and pragmatic metaphysics, one that geared knowledge of higher energies with functional, observable processes in the physical realm.

Trevor befriended Rick Mansell, who came across Steiner via Goethe’s color theory whilst working in top secret camouflage research during WWII. Rick spent the last 25 years of his life re-translating Steiner’s works onto tape. Once available through Borderlands, the survival and availability of this vast pool of advanced knowledge is currently unknown.

Trevor James Constable's Willy's Wand Cloudbuster

Willy’s Wand Cloudbuster

Wilhelm Reich’s works on Orgone Energy were also of intense interest and study to Trevor, and through the Borderland Foundation he connected with fellow member Robert McCullough who was technical assistant to Dr. Reich and cloudbuster operator during Reich’s OROP Desert work.

Trevor, the towering intellect and practical engineer that he was, integrated Reich, Drown and Steiner’s works into functional advancements in human interfacing with the living etheric energies surrounding our planet. While these can be utilized for many purposes, as Dr. Drown showed in her clinical works, and as Dr. Steiner directed in his scientific, sociological and agricultural impulses, Trevor chose the direction of Dr. Reich in bringing rain to areas of drought on our planet.

Whilst at one point the darling cloudbuster operator for the orthodox Orgonomists following Reich’s works, once they caught wind that Trevor was a multi-disciplinary engineer and had connected the Orgone of Reich with the Chemical or Tone Ether of the Anthroposophists he was openly abused with ad hominum attacks and distanced from their rigid works. According to Reichian orthodoxy, mystics (who they pigeonholed Steiner as) are the result of sadistic inner tendencies, so Trevor was an armored sadist, especially because in Cosmic Pulse he said that the etheric energies were “as real as a punch in the nose”, so Journal of Orgonomy reviewer Jerome Eden said that meant Trevor really wanted to punch his readers in the nose. Seriously!

Trevor took this blow in stride and continued to move forward with his advancements, blazing new trails in geometric access to the ether.

Trevor would say that while scientists would be busy arguing that there was no ether, he would just get on with accessing it to make it rain.

Infrared Critter by Cloudbuster

Infrared Critter by Cloudbuster

Starting out with the standard Reichian Cloudbuster, his “Willy’s Wand” as he christened it, Trevor then went on to batteries of metal tubes with water flowing through them.

With Trevor as Chief Radio Officer of the S.S. Maui, the Commander at the time, Commodore C.C. Wright Jr, had provided permission for Trevor to experiment with his atmospheric translators whilst at sea.

Functionally, Trevor had been gifted a traveling laboratory on the high seas, and as Radio Officer was the official meteorological station operator, with radar, wet and dry bulb thermometers, and best of all, a constant horizon to sail towards to watch and record the results of his experiments.

Trevor was legendary in the Merchant Marine, not only for the rain that was always following the Maui across the Pacific, but also for his ability to utilize his visual ray, which he learned of from Lehrs’ Man or Matter, to see ships over the horizon — before they would appear on radar!

Trevor James Constable & Gen Curtis LeMay

Trevor James Constable & Gen Curtis LeMay, ret.

When the Maui was under the command of Commodore Kenneth R. Orcutt, whom Trevor noted was a “gentleman of genius mentality and talents,” it was suggested to Trevor by Orcutt that perhaps the flowing water in his tubes could be somehow eliminated so the crew no longer had to deal with it. Trevor took this to heart and mind and began engineering geometric orgone accumulators, with the brilliantly insightful assistance of the Maui’s Chief Engineer Louis Matta. These proved to be incredibly effective in coaxing rain from the atmosphere when used properly.

TJC - Malacca Ops, New Straits Times 14AUG1991

New Straits Times August 14, 1991

Trevor was also noted for what he termed the “Moses Effect”, his ability to part fog to aid the ship’s commander to more easily dock, say in Seattle. Air Force General Curtis LeMay, retired, was quite interested in using this effect on air bases, and just prior to his death aided Trevor with some SoCal smog operations to get into the technology.

Etheric weather engineering is more art than science, or we can say Trevor’s work helps guide us towards the time which science and art will again be one, or at least be nourished from the same fount. His are not mechanical on/off machines, but rather extensions of the operator, based on sacred geometric relationships found throughout living forms, utilizing the capacitive-type relationships found by Reich to accumulate atmospheric Orgone energy.

Countless hours of timelapse photography were taken from the bridge of the Maui, oft starting with a clear day, and after activating the geometric weather units rain became an inevitable eventuality. Trevor’s Etheric Rainmaking is shown on video here

HATFIELD FLAT, CALIFORNIA, 1984 Long series of experiments to engineer rain into Los Angeles in July, when region is statistically rainless, required ten years of avocational work. Operator here stands with "bazooka" type devices, which coupled a Wilhelm Reich-type "accumulator" into a projective resonant section (white). Hatfield Flat is about 14 miles east of San Diego and 1200 feet above sea level. Excellent results were obtained.

Trevor at Hatfield Flat, California, 1984, with “Blue Belly Bazookas” as he termed these units.

Trevor used these geometric accumulators on sea, land and in the air. With George Wuu he started a company in Singapore and took on contingency jobs, paid on production. Even though he made it rain, prodigiously on occasion, he never got paid to the best of my knowledge. Trevor confided that the concept of filling a dam was not the correct way to progress conceptually — as regional changes were the effective response of the translators used properly — but that he saw all chances for field work as opportunities for further research and validation of the technology.

Trevor was very interested in progressing the Airborne Etheric Rain operations he evolved into, using various fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He found this the most effective method of accessing the ether for atmospheric response. He remained disappointed that world governments who knew about his work failed to utilize it, though he wasn’t surprised considering his awareness of Reich’s characterological armoring of civilization.

Water gun cloudbusters in desert orgone ether

Water gun cloudbusters in desert, circa 1970s

Trevor was a longtime member of Borderland Sciences when I took over in 1985, I was generally familiar with his work. Upon finding I had taken over from Riley Crabb he immediately extended a genuine and hearty hand of friendship and support.

In 1986 I noticed an old Ford Ranchero heading down I-5 in San Diego County with some of what looked like Trev’s weather guns in the open back. I called Trevor to tell him somebody had a similar operation to his work going. He laughed, it was Irv Trent, Trev’s longtime best friend and associate weather engineer, and Trevor took me in to discuss his operations and I began publishing his articles.

Operational Plan for PINCER II This simplified version of the detailed engineering drawing submitted in advance to the U.S. government (NOAA), shows how it was proposed to engineer rain into Los Angeles in July 1986. BLUE flow is the normal July path of moisture from the Gulf of California into Arizona, producing the Arizona “monsoon” season. RED flow is an engineered diversion of the blue flow. The engineering causes moisture to move, as shown on the map, into central Southern California. Bases at “Fort Z” and Banning, “bend” this flow through the Banning Pass into the L.A. Basin and to L.A. Civic Center. This is one arm of the “Pincer.” GREEN flow is the second arm of the “Pincer,: initiated by the base at Hatfield Flat, east of San Diego. This engineering induces moisture northwest from the Gulf of California and from Baja California, to flow up the coast toward Point Fermin, the southerly tip of Los Angeles. The Point Fermin base ensures that the rainfall moves northward to L.A. Civic Center.

Operational Plan for PINCER II, 1986

That  first for me was Operation Pincer II, bringing rain to the LA Basin during the Summertime, the “pincer” was moving moisture up the coast from Mexico (what Irv was doing when I spotted him) and up from the Gulf of Mexico over the Banning pass into LA, where the pincers would meet. And they did.

We had a laugh after. I had been at the U.S. Psychotronics conference in Chicago, and driving back to California I got a flat tire in rain heading south of Salt Lake City on I-15, Trevor’s storm which I had tracked through. I had to change the tire in the driving rain and Trevor thought that was hilarious when he heard, happy to provide me an advanced education in the reality of etheric rain engineering.

Airborne translator mounted on helicopter, Malaysia 1998

Airborne etheric translator on helicopter, Malaysia 1998

Many people asked over the years why we didn’t publish plans for Trevor’s units. The answer will always remain the same, you already possess the answer within you. This is a creative interaction with the living forces of our world, one must become attuned to the natural subtle flows which drive atmospheric conditions as well as concomitantly cognize the sacred geometry which appears in diverse relationships wherever life is found. If this is your path you will create your own instruments upon it as your knowledge and awareness grow. Trevor directed interested people to the Anthroposophical natural scientific works where many seeds of advanced knowledge have been sown.

Trevor “ploughed me into Steiner” as he would put it, via Lehr’s Man or Matter and Rick Mansell’s Steiner translation tapes, something I am eternally grateful for. I published many of Trevor’s articles, edited and published the second edition of his Cosmic Pulse of Life, and together we produced Loom of the Future which was an interview we carried on over phone, fax and letter concerning Trevor’s epochal etheric rain engineering operations.

Spider Smog Control Unit

Spider Smog Control Unit

His etheric engineering also extended to smog control, which some of his equipment was quite good at. He was very concerned about the path humanity is taking as a whole and threw himself into the breach, heart, mind and soul.

“Only results count” was Trevor’s motto. He was only concerned with what worked, which is a most wise position whilst investigating the realm of finer forces.

The website was put up years ago to archive and document Trevor’s work. It has sat fallow for many years, but is now in process of being reworked to keep this work alive.

Loom of the Future - The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable with Thomas J. BrownAfter Trevor’s second stroke a few years back we didn’t communicate much, and I’ve missed his massive presence in my life. We’d have the most amazing conversations for hours, from the sciences to the spiritual darkness pervading institutions controlling our lives.

Trevor was the cleanest, clearest being, most direct in thought and speech. What he has gifted to humanity can never be fully expressed in words. In my life I can say that everything I do to progress knowledge is shaped by my interactions with this Great Man.

Trevor spoke of “the inexorable democracy of the grave, nobody’s ever plotted their way around that,” and he didn’t want to, being totally aware of the cosmic pulses of consciousness and energy which form and drive our successively-incarnated consciousness-principals.

It is a certitude Trevor is eagerly advancing in his new stage of discovery. I wish him well in his new appointment, as he would say as others passed on.

~ Thomas Joseph Brown