Concave Earth – Geocosmos

Living Inside the Hollow Earth!

In the Geocosmos we encounter the belief that we live inside of a hollow shell 8,000 miles in diameter, instead of on the outside of a convex globe.

This worldview was promoted by Cyrus Teed, who after being electrically shocked in an experiment in 1869 took the name Koresh, and began his crusade to confirm to the world that we live inside a globe.

The premise for this is that it is a more compact, functional Creation, for creation happens within shells and wombs, our shell being the generative container for our development.

Appearances of Earth being beneath an observer at greater heights are explained by light ray curvature and atmospheric refraction, which unfortunately for this model don’t have any basis in the actual scientific optical and magneto-optical researches.

The visible Sun, Moon and stars are projections on our outer atmosphere from higher metaphysical mechanics.

Geocosmos  we live inside

To prove his contention as to the shape of the Earth Koresh and his followers used a device called the Rectilineator, invented by his associate Professor Ulysses G. Morrow, to geodetically measure the surface of the planet to see if it curved up or down over long distances, six miles.

Koresh memorialized these experiments in his Cellular Cosmogony – Earth a Concave Sphere

In all the Koreshian experiments the results measured the surface of the Earth as curving up, confirming we live inside a concave universe.

Much has been written and speculated on this. In Turning the Universe Inside-out by Donald Simanek, he seeks to debunk the Koreshian experiments by claiming an error which falsely showed concave instead of convex, but admits the curvature was measured exactly, though in reverse.

Simanek’s points are well addressed and countered in The Rectilineator Documentary by Steven Christopher: Steven was working to reproduce these experiments, but unfortunately gave up.

The geodetic sciences have already solved this matter, but nonetheless, it would be most interesting to see the experiment done properly.

Geocosmos - Space & the Universe

There was a top secret Nazi program to research the geocosmos. In 1942 Dr. Heinz Fisher, an expert in infrared, led an expedition to the Baltic island of Rügen. This was under the express approval of Goering, Himmler and Hitler, and was considered by the Admiralty General Staff to be of critical importance to the war effort.

The experiments were to obtain infrared imaging of the British fleet in the North Sea from the Baltic by pointing their equipment at a 45° angle to the sky.

Reports are that the experiments failed, and some of those involved, Peter Bender and others, were imprisoned.

Nonetheless, top German scientists using precious resources at the height of WWII makes one wonder what info they had to consider and execute this operation. Were they not aware of say the Struve Geodetic Arc which determined the shape and size of Earth a century earlier?

Some say that such efforts were part of the purpose of the German base at Neuschwabenland in Antarctica, to get out of the hollow earth and see the outside world.

Tamarack Mine Mystery
Tamarack Mine Mystery

Another indication of Earth’s concavity is the so-called Tamarack Mine Mystery, where multiple 4250 foot long plumb bobs were suspended down parallel mineshafts at the Tamarack Coper mine in Michigan. Simple geometry could then be used to measure the size of the planet, but instead of the bob ends being closer together they were farther apart.

Teed and Morrow utilized the results of this experiment in their thesis. These results have been brought into question, but should they be accurate there is still much to learn about gravitational forces.

This concave thesis has always held an attraction for me. I first came across it when young in the Nazi experiments, read in Morning of the Magicians. I later came upon Koresh’s work and naturally pondered, especially in light of the concept of projective geometry, where the inverse of the convex globe could happen if space was dimensional, as it appears to our sight.

Eventually I understood the geodetic sciences, geodetic surveying and the like, and it became apparent to me that this model was not happening in the physical world. But there is a concept where it will fit, in the counterspatial energetic structure of the universe.

Mostafa Abdelkader’s paper, A Geocosmos: Mapping Outer Space into a Hollow Earth, in Speculations in Science and Technology, 1981, proposes a mathematical model to explain it.

geocosmos - mapping outer space into a hollow earth

The concave model does not deny the possibility of other worlds with life, rather the universe can be infinite and filled with life, yet we’re still concave. In this model space is dimensional, projective.

Space is not 3D, the three dimensions are imposed by our consciousness in its assessment of objective reality. The three dimensions are proprioceptive, that is, internalized and requisite to our balance and orientation. Steiner indicated it was a grave error of materialistic consciousness to externalize them as a metric of space. Space functions on projective geometry, with a spatial-counterspatial polarity.

An introduction to the concept of Counterspace can be found here

It has been proposed by Dollard, Vassilatos, myself, and others, that starlight is instantaneous, functioning similar to Tesla’s non-EM longitudinal, extra-luminal currents. If this is true, that the transmission and reception points (star and atmosphere) are space scalar, then it is entirely possible to conceive of the energetic, counterspatial structure of the universe as a concave electrical space conjugate to our convex materiality.

In ancient cosmological diagrams we find the “spheres” of the heaven, usually in concentric order. If one considers these as true dimensionally-layered formative spiritual stages seen in the light of projective geometry and spatial-counterspatial polarities in extension, then it is no problem fitting a universe inside such an anthropocentric sphere.

Flat Horizon on Spherical Earth
Flat Horizon on Spherical Earth

Since reading Koresh in the 1980s I’ve been staring at horizons whenever I can, from beach, mountain and airplane, wondering if the Earth curved up or down. I oft noted how flat it looks, at whatever height. The closest I recall seeing of a curve was from airplanes, and then it looked more as though I was looking at the curve of the edge of a plate, the horizon vanishing point from the central point of observation.

I did not consider Earth physically flat — other than obvious desert playas, salt flats and areas of the Great Plains, which appeared flat — but rather magically flat, in the sense that our living, sensorial being is a living type of higher order consciousness. If we consider ratios in living forms we see Sacred Geometry everywhere. If we divide the ratios we get irrational numbers. So in my cosmology there is an irrational, living nature to our experiences of planet Earth.

Earth has spherical attributes, but also appears flat.  It can be considered as a sphere at infinity.  In projective geometry any flat surface plane is a section of a sphere at infinity, and projective geometry is how objective reality functions.

We certainly use the 3D system for assessment and construction, but there is no absolute such metric in space itself. Space is one expansive dimension operating via projective geometry, that all-encompassing geometry we directly experience, and of which the Cartesian coordinate system is but a mere subset for local calculations of inanimate objects. One mustn’t confuse dimensions and coordinate systems.

Sphere projected into a plane

Imagine if you can an expanding sphere, getting larger and larger. It wouldn’t have to be that large in circumference before you could cut out a perfectly flat piece to make a table top. In such a way we are on a plane at infinity, the Earth Plane, as long diagrammed in esoteric literature.

This gave rise to the realization in my being that I am living on an infinite plane, a sphere at infinity, in a magical universe with many mind expanding wonders still to learn.

And from pondering all this I had an epiphany of the four world models, heliocentric, geocentric, concave and flat, all as components of a Creative act which brought all into existence. It’s been a backdrop to my inner space considerations of experiential reality, seeking relationships between subjective archetypes and objective reality.

Of course I knew about the Flat Earth Society, I always thought of it as some sort of outré statement, get a membership cert on the wall as a challenge to the status quo, but not in acceptance as reality.

As time progressed I was in for a big surprise!